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Flat World Apps creates mobile and web applications;
bringing ideas to reality from concept to launch.

We make the world flatter by connecting people with accessible
information through innovative technology.



VIDA is a mobile application tailored for real estate project marketing; an interactive brochure for customer with a sales tool back end for developers and agents. VIDA helps drive sales and extend market outreach by leveraging growing mobile trends in consumer behaviors.
VIDA Lookbook

VIDA Lookbook is a mobile application specially designed as an interactive portfolio that allows you to deliver current and past successes to customers any time, anywhere.
VIDA Homes

VIDA Homes is a mobile application tailored for luxury properties that reads like a storybook. It's an interactive brochure that help power agents differentiate themselves, and deliver dream homes to buyers any time, anywhere.

WiseWords is a web series produced in collaboration with LNG Productions and Novus TV; a collection of short success videos from CEOs. WiseWords give inspiration to entrepreneurs from successful people with real experiences.